Project Description

VOLTRONIC ® G20 Valve and Injector Cleaner is high performance complete fuel system cleaner and decarbonizer gasoline fuel treatment. Formulated with extremely low-ash materials, EURO-6 standard ready. Improve fuel system performance and reliability, promote smooth running engine.


  • TÜV certified effectiveness.
  • Complete fuel system cleaner and decarbonizer.
  • Neutralize water contamination.
  • Improve fuel system reliability.
  • Improve fuel economy.
  • Reduce emission.
  • Extremely low-ash, EURO-6 ready.
  • Promote smooth running engine.


Gasoline fuel treatment.

Usage Direction

Add directly into fuel tank. One bottle effectively treat up to 60 litres gasoline fuel or at least 10 liters gasoline left in the fuel tank. Treat every 10000 km for optimum vehicle performance.